I created this site in part to address my own issues with UHaul management and their decision to ambush the outlet manager I had a great working relationship with. The more I researched, the more I realized I was not the only angry and unsatisfied customer. This is a dysfunctional company with the most outrageous history you could imagine. There are so many issues in this company's past, but none more common than the old "Yes, we did reserve a truck for you, but no, we don't have your truck for you today." 

Somehow UHaul keeps dealing with this catastrophe every day, sending customers all over creation to find the truck or van they actually need at the moment they need it. It's a major corporate mess, because obviously their systems and people are not communicating well. 

If you have a situation you would like to highlight on our site, contact Founder Rich Bergeron at or follow us on Twitter at: and message Rich there. 

As always, if you want to get Uhaul's attention you can first email, then if that doesn't work just contact "Shameless" Joe Shoen (see below graphic) and/or file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau if working with the store manager isn't helping to solve your issue. 

ADDITIONAL Executive UHAUL Contacts

Primary Contact
Michael Kinealy 
Vice President Sales and Customer Service
2727 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Secondary Contact
Chuck Hertzler
Executive Vice President
2727 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Chief Executive
Joe Shoen
Chairman, President and CEO AMERCO, parent company of U-Haul,
2727 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004


  1. Because you don’t understand the system of a one way. One way trucks leave our lots and we don’t know when/if we will ever see them again. Confirm your reservation 48 hours in advance if you MUST book a one-way

  2. Does emailing these executives do anything about it? I’ve had the WORST experience with UHaul this week but not want to waste anymore of my time if nothings going to be done.

  3. U-Haul just left us stranded for just short of 24 hrs. They rented us faulty tow dolly equipment that should have never bn rented to us to begin with. We are currently still stranded bc our converted bus won't start. We have bn sitting in the same gas station parking lot in no where Tennessee for 25 1/2 hrs. Running our bus thru the night to keep our children and animals cool has done damage to our engine. I don't know if it will leaked a car size spot of oil sometime thru the night as we tried to get some sleep.
    I was batted around on the phone since 7pm last night....
    Was told by an employee this morning that U-Hauls main concern is their equipment not the customer! I am outraged and stressed and tired. We left NC Tuesday night at 11pm and have barely made it thru to the other side of Tennessee
    Blowing thru most of our fuel money spending crazy amounts on food and drinks in the gas station
    We had an assigned stop in Oklahoma this morning for a day...missed that... supposed to be leaving Oklahoma tonight and headed for New Mexico...home
    But here we are stuck because of the negligence of this company.
    They did swap out the faulty tow dolly for a car trailer but that again took nearly 24 hrs of being stranded on the phone all day getting very angry all day....
    The tow truck driver that transported the trailer dropped it and left. My husband had to drag the full size car trailer with a ratchet strap to it's place behind the bus.... seriously
    Now you tell me what are we supposed to do now?!?
    What is my next step?? Because I have no clue....
    Please help!!

      That's me above
      Contact me! Please help!

  4. Worst experience EVER!! Opted to use the 24/7 Mobile App so we could pick up the truck before the store opened. Reversed online 4 days before so everything was ready to go. The app directed us to the wrong truck with no key. Had to spend 30 mins on hold with customer service only to be told to wait until the store opens. Finally got the key after being there an hour just to get a key. Truck is fine. Returning it was HORRIBLE!!! 9pm -The app did not allow us to upload a photo of the milage and gas gauge so we could not complete the drop off. So the front door says "Need My Help? My cell is: XXX-XXX-XXXX. I explained the situation and that I was leaving the truck there. If they wanted the pictures, I would be happy to do so the next day. She said that will cost an extra $20. I said I'm not paying it. She said call customer service and hung up on me. I called her back and asked her if she makes it a habit to hang up on customers that are in need of help. Her response "You called my personal cellphone and I'm trying to put my kids to bed". YOUR NAME AND NUMBER ARE ON THE FRONT DOOR OF THE BUSINESS YOU MANAGE!!!! WTF??? So rude, unhelpful and lacks any sort of professionalism. Everything about our experience was a NIGHTMARE and I strongly suggest getting your rental from another company. I know I will never due business with them again and I certainly will be sharing this story to everyone possible. And so importantly, DO NOT USE THE 24/7 APP!!

  5. I rent a storage unit in Cinn ohio l live in Arizona. Have had unit for over three years became really sick after movinh here have not been able to return. I was quoted a price of 37 dollars. Had to psy 67.because l am elderly on a fixed income l pay later today my unit is 98.every month they give me two latr fees. Someone is stealing mpny this company sucks. Why two fees. Fot three years. Where are the people who are in charge.

  6. I have personally emailed Joe Shoen every complaint I received from here. If your problem has not been solved, let me know. I will publish your story if nothing is done for you.

  7. So contacting Joe does no good if you tell hom something he does not want tp hear about Uhauls shady long standing business practice. Joe will just STOP chatting with you as he did me! If you would like to be apart of taking Uhaul down email me. I have also been burned by Uhaul and I intend on doing something about it! I have great right fighters in my corner! There is success in numbers!!!

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  9. I am writing to make you aware of the absolutely awful experience I had with U-Haul. On October 26th I made a reservation for a 26-foot truck rental. My reservation number is 24583617. The pickup date was November 13th at 8:30am and return date was November 14th. My preferred pickup location in Maple Valley, Washington was showing as not available, so I had to use the Auburn, Washington location which is further away. I received a call on November 11th saying the 26-foot truck I wanted was not available in Auburn and I would need to go to Burien, Washington to get the truck. The Burien location was 25 miles from my house. On November 12th I got a call saying the truck I wanted would not be available for me to pick up until 3:30pm. I said I needed the truck at 8:30am as I had to move by the end of the day and 3:30 was too late. I was told there were no 26-foot tricks available within a 50 miles radius of my location. The rep checked and said the best they could do was a 15-foot truck, but I would need to pick it up in Spanaway, Washington. Spanaway is 41 miles from my house. Since I had no other options, I agreed to take the smaller truck and made the 41-mile one way drive to get the truck. When I arrive in Spanaway, I asked for the 12 furniture pads I had reserved and was told they only had 6.

    In summary here are the issues I encountered.

    Reserved a 26-foot truck and had to drive 41 miles to get a much smaller 15-foot truck
    I had to make four trips to move everything because of the smaller truck and burned a lot more fuel which cost me more money.
    Reserved 12 furniture pads and only got 6

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