Friday, March 29, 2019

Daniel Guilmette LIES: Better Business Bureau Results

My complaint to the Better Business Bureau resulted in Uhaul immediately offering to cover my final bill (with expenses padded by staff at the instruction of management shown in the photo below). As much as this might seem like a fair and equitable gesture, it's not. Mr. Guilmette was told when he contacted me to call me back with his lawyer on the phone with him. He refused to accomplish that and then tried to appease me by not coming after me for the final rental charge.

Also within the statement from Uhaul is a pile of blatant and disgusting lies, which I highlighted in bold print below. I don't take the truck off-road, I use boards and tarps in the bed to prevent damage from loading. I have never provided any police reports because the damage to the truck has never been from any collision with any other vehicle (except for the bumper being dented while I was parked one day, and I did not see the dent until UHaul personnel pointed it out). I have always been honest about the damage sustained during my rental periods. Nearly every time the truck was damaged, the dents on the truck happened because of the truck lacking 4-wheel drive and being unable to maneuver effectively in the snow during the winter months, and the damages they claim I did were not any more significant than any careless mover could cause. Also, they act as if I caused some extensive vehicle damage when we are talking about a few dents and dings. I've only ever paid TWO deductible payments over more than 2 years of renting with them. The kicker is they say I can't use the truck for logging and their trucks were not meant for that. I wore company shirts almost every time I came into the office and told employees about how my firewood business was going, and they KNEW what I used the truck for at all times. NOW they want to CRY FOUL? This is not covered by the over $6,000 in insurance premiums I've paid over the years????


Here is the official response from Uhaul, delivered by the BBB:

Thank you for your concern for our customer Mr. Bergeron.

Dan Guilmette, our Executive Assistant for our Los Angeles West Regional Office, followed up on the information Mr. Bergeron provided.  He informed our office he has talked to Mr. Bergeron on two separate occasions but has been unsuccessful in addressing all his concerns.  Mr. Guilmette relayed, the recent Promissory Note Mr. Bergeron incurred in the amount of $1,274.50, will be forgiven for the amount of business he has given us over the years, however, we have chosen not to do any further business with Mr. Bergeron in the future.  The amount of damages he is doing to our equipment due to his off-road travels and improper loading and use of the U-Haul equipment is not covered by Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).  CDW is not a license to do damage to the equipment.  Mr. Bergeron has never provided us with any police reports indicating collision or accident during his rental when he returns our equipment damaged.  U-Haul does not rent equipment for the purposes he is using it for with his logging business.  Mr. Guilmette, unfortunately, has never had the opportunity to explain this information to him. 

Our customers are very important to us and we regret to hear of situations that cause problems for them. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and allowing us to offer a response.

Maria Palmisano
Executive Assistant
U-Haul International


The fact is, there is NOTHING exclusionary in their insurance agreement about the damage to that truck they are claiming. I also know the company's regular policies and practices, and they changed them on a dime specifically to target ME. If they matched up my truck with any other vehicle in their fleet rented by multiple users instead of just one, for the same amount of time, mine would be the jewel of the fleet. I've seen the damage other people do to the trucks. I've heard the horror stories of people who don't take the insurance and take off to another state or hole up in a Walmart parking lot towing a camper behind them. I've even had to deal with running the truck they gave me for weeks while it needed an oil change badly. I was more concerned about that truck getting maintenance than they were. One employee even told me not to worry about the oil change light at all and actually gave me instructions on how to reset the computer to shut it off!!!!!  

Half of the dents on the above list of damages (they are claiming all happened in one week), were already taken care of in other prior vehicle damage reports. They were dents caused by other customers in at least two cases,and one that I already paid for in a previous incident. TOTAL BS!

Thursday, March 28, 2019 Was Taken

I used to be a real cheerleader for uhaul, but now I think they're the worst.

Sadly, March 27th, 2019 marked the end of my contractual and working relationship with Uhaul as the main supplier of my firewood company's rental truck.

As a regular and religious renter at the Tilton, NH Uhaul location, I spent around $500 per week on average to rent their pick-up truck. I also rented a few of their box trucks and a trailer in the past. I always took out the insurance on every rental, even trucks that were beaten to Hell before I got in them.

Employees constantly told me how smart I was to always take insurance, and I only ever paid two deductible payments of $150 in over two years of renting through this location.

During the bulk of the time I rented from the Tilton Uhaul, the staff running the shop were top notch with customer service. I became fairly friendly with everyone working there, and they always made sure all my needs and concerns were addressed. I also tried to take the best care of the vehicle as possible, and I often would get it back after one use from someone else, and it would have a new x on it (indicating a vehicle damage report was done) from someone else damaging it. I even took it to the car wash about once a week when I had to bring it back clean. Even when it didn't have to be clean and I was taking it right out again, I cleaned the interior, the bed, and took it through the car wash. So, eventually because of weathering, road use and the car washes, the uhaul decals began peeling.

You can imagine my surprise when I brought it in after a typical week of renting and was first told I could not rent anymore and then given a bill of over $1300 for one week's rental fees and over $750 in damages they tried to claim, even docking me for the decals which only began to come off because I was trying to do a favor for Uhaul in keeping their vehicle clean. Those car washes also have a special polymer blend that is applied to the car that protects it from the paint getting surface scratches. So I did them a real favor applying that stuff week after week to protect the vehicle's finish.

The part of this story that really grinds my gears is WHY the nice folks at that Uhaul location suddenly turned into my worst nightmare. They talk to me all the time when I go in there, and they informed me the bosses were there that day and were very angry with the amount of damage all the vehicles were taking. These perfectly good people did not want to do this. They were basically preparing me for bad news as soon as I came in, before they even checked the vehicle out. They were forced to change their policies and procedures in the middle of a contract to screw me over just to please their bosses.

I don't blame those good people who had to be the messengers. I blame the bosses who put the pressure on to make me a test case for experimentation of a new policy to shaft loyal renters. I blame corporate greed and bad business practices. I've watched Uhaul try to impose their will on the shopkeepers at this location, and the employees shared all their frustrations with me regarding constantly changing modes of doing business being forced upon them by higher ups.

The two bosses who set upon those employees and intimidated them enough for them to come after me and charge me through the roof will answer for their actions in a court of law in time. For now, I will let the court of public opinion take over as well. If you're reading this, I would advise against doing business with this kind of operation that would alienate their best customer in such a vile manner. Over the course of my rental experience with the company I paid at least $6,000 in insurance premiums, and they want to nickel and dime me the last time they say they're going to rent to me? They want to nail me for everything including decals that deteriorated due to weather and taking the truck dutifully to a car wash every week?????? How is that fair at all???

I currently have a Better Business Bureau complaint in motion and did have one conversation with a Daniel Guilmette out of Manchester, NH. I am told he is one of the bosses who mandated the treatment I received yesterday. If you are like me and do not appreciate corporate interests trying to hurt good people, contact Daniel at 603-627-9182 and tell him what you think about corporate greed and what it does to hard working little people like me.

If you are having similar issues with UHaul,you may also want to read about the class action lawsuit going on against the company right now:

I already reached out to the law firm handling it and offered any help I can give.

Feel free to sound off in the comment section of this post if you had a similar experience with UHaul that you would like to share here.


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