Thursday, April 11, 2019


Wow!  Talk about a UHAUL TURN!

So, today a funny thing happened. Apparently Joe Shoen has someone reviewing his emails, because I sent one to him last night. It was short and sweet:

"Your company turned me away from a rental situation where I was spending nearly $500 every single week to rent one of your pick up trucks.

I am going to file extensive litigation if this matter is not solved soon, and I consider you and Mr. Daniel Guilmette personally responsible. I have taken on billionaires in court before and won.

So, today I received a call from a Massachusetts-based UHaul Executive name Matthew Pepin, referencing last night's email. He talks about conversations with The Tilton Store Manager, has the same argument as Guilmette, and he tries to bullshit me all over the place about the insurance not covering any of the damage. But, he has a BIG SOLUTION FOR ME!!!

He was offering TO LET ME RENT AGAIN...

But I can only rent their box trucks now, he says. Those are more durable and can take the damage I will do to them, he says. He seems to forget these cost a ton of extra money to rent. Also, they are not practical for the residential backyard firewood processing I do. I reminded him of UHaul's position previously, that they weren't allowed to rent to loggers at all.

It couldn't have been a more convenient coincidence that I registered this morning just in time to respond to his first post-call email to me by sharing the link with Matthew. Also, I stumbled across the Tilton location's UHAUL Better Business Bureau report.

Here's my theory: Based on my prior messages, I believe UHaul (via Joe's people) already knew what happened all along here when he got my message last night. I already talked to one guy who intimidated the manager at the Tilton store, and that went nowhere. Big Bossman Joe must have realized that I wanted and needed this solved, so he knew one of the people responsible already got nowhere with me. This time I am making the educated guess that CEO-minded Joe made the other guy responsible call me and explain himself today. It was probably Joe's idea to make him offer to rent to me again, too. Sounds like the out of touch CEO thing to do when you don't know what really happened. Speculation alone there, granted, but I'm good at sniffing stuff like this right out.

It sounds like the company itself just saved me from discovery. So now I have my legal claims locked up, and Joe is in the mix as well. I'd be waiting for another response from the Better Business Bureau if it wasn't for my email. I do believe Bob Dylan can tell you what I will be doing next with my lawsuit paperwork: 


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